This is a blog about the Master Program in Digital Humanities at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. The program is located at the Department of ALM (Archive-, Library- and Museum Studies) but thanks to cooperation with the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History and Department of Art History, specialization in those domains are possible as well. The program started in August 2019.

Read more about the departments that cooperate in the program:

Department of Art History (link)

Department of Archaeology and Ancient History (link)

The blog allows you to learn more about the Digital Humanities-program by collecting perspectives on the education from teachers and researchers from different areas of digital humanities. You will also get the possibility to get better acquainted with the study environment at the Department of ALM.

Further information about the program is available in the online course catalogue or the programe webpage.

Editor of the blog is Amanuens Joel Gordon Hultsjö.