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Application is open for 2020!

Today the application for the Master’s Programme in Digital Humanities for the Autumn 2020 opens! Applications can be submitted until the 15th of January, when the first application period ends.

Foto. Mikael Wallerstedt

The Master’s Programme in Digital Humanities provides tools can be used to analyse, visualize and research digital media and digitized materials. You will also learn to digitize and process different types of texts and images. During the programme you will learn how different types of media can be made available at cultural heritage institutions and in other contexts.

More information about the programme and how you can apply, you can find on the website of Uppsala University.

The second step of the first semester

The students of the DH-masterprogramme is now done with their first introductory course as they are settling in to the cosier Swedish autumn weather.

Today the second course on the program starts. It’s called Tools and Methods: Critical Encounters and is a practically oriented course coordinated by Matts Lindström. The course introduces and studies a selection of tools and methods used in the digital humanities.

Autumn is coming to Sweden

The course will be include both seminars and lab sessions, where the students will be able to develop a critical and historicising approach to new methods in the humanities.

During the coming weeks of this blog you will be able to get a sneak-peak at one of the Lab sessions and also hear Matts Linström himself speak about the course.

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