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A report from a DH programme internship

The Digital Humanities Uppsala Blog — a blog hosted by Uppsala University’s Centre for Digital Humanities (CDHU) — has just published a post written by Nikolaos Gkizis Chatziantoniou, a second-year student at the Master’s Programme in Digital Humanities. Nikolaos tells about how he worked with the digitization of books as a part of his internship […]

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A new professor joins the DH MA teacher team!

The 20th of February the department and the DH-program will be reinforced with at new Associate senior lecturer/Assistant Professor, Amanda Wasielewski. Amanda Wasielewski’s writing and research investigates the use of digital technology in relation to art/visual culture and spatial practice. Her recent focus has been on the use of artificial intelligence techniques for the analysis […]

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New course starts today

This week marks the start of the third course for the first-year students of Master’s Programme in Digital Humanities. The course is titled ‘Digital Cultural Heritage’ and here is what teacher Nadzeya Charapan has to say about the course: This introductory course provides you with a conceptual understanding of digital cultural heritage and fosters critical […]

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Library and information science courses offered for second year DH master students

Information management and information structures, taught week 35-39, autumn 2022 What is this course about?  The course Information management and information structures introduces multiple theoretical and practical perspectives on knowledge/information/data management. Specifically,  it covers data, information, and knowledge management from information studies’ and digital humanities’ perspectives and explores practical implementations at organizational, cultural, and individual levels. It is offered […]

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Preparations for KBLab’s TM Workshop on date 2021-11-09

Preparation instructions for those that are interested in Topic Modelling workshops with KBLab (forwarded message from KBLab research co-ordinator: Hi, Welcome to KBLab’s workshop on Topic Modeling! The workshop will be structured as follows: ·       Tuesday 9th November, 09.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 14.00 ·       Wednesday 10th November, 13.00 – 13.45, for a session […]

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Topic Modeling Workshop with KBLab

National Library of Sweden is organizing a great event on Topic Modeling Workshop. You are warmly welcome! See detailed information on their webpage and also forwarded as below: What is topic modeling and how does it work in practice? How do the choices that we make in building such models affect the eventual output? And […]

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Events at UU

Just a quick share of seminars and workshops with you here, which will boost your information searching and digital analysis skills and techniques Feel free to have a look and boost your learning in DH and master the advanced skills for conducting further research and education in DH!

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