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Critical Encounters with AI

How do large AI models like ChatGPT work? What is the difference between machine learning and AI? What can we say about the environmental and work ethical impacts of current large language models? These were some of the questions discussed at the seminar “AI and algorithms”, which is a part of the course “Tools and […]

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A report from a DH programme internship

The Digital Humanities Uppsala Blog — a blog hosted by Uppsala University’s Centre for Digital Humanities (CDHU) — has just published a post written by Nikolaos Gkizis Chatziantoniou, a second-year student at the Master’s Programme in Digital Humanities. Nikolaos tells about how he worked with the digitization of books as a part of his internship […]

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A new professor joins the DH MA teacher team!

The 20th of February the department and the DH-program will be reinforced with at new Associate senior lecturer/Assistant Professor, Amanda Wasielewski. Amanda Wasielewski’s writing and research investigates the use of digital technology in relation to art/visual culture and spatial practice. Her recent focus has been on the use of artificial intelligence techniques for the analysis […]

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New course starts today

This week marks the start of the third course for the first-year students of Master’s Programme in Digital Humanities. The course is titled ‘Digital Cultural Heritage’ and here is what teacher Nadzeya Charapan has to say about the course: This introductory course provides you with a conceptual understanding of digital cultural heritage and fosters critical […]

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Library and information science courses offered for second year DH master students

Information management and information structures, taught week 35-39, autumn 2022 What is this course about?  The course Information management and information structures introduces multiple theoretical and practical perspectives on knowledge/information/data management. Specifically,  it covers data, information, and knowledge management from information studies’ and digital humanities’ perspectives and explores practical implementations at organizational, cultural, and individual levels. It is offered […]

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Preparations for KBLab’s TM Workshop on date 2021-11-09

Preparation instructions for those that are interested in Topic Modelling workshops with KBLab (forwarded message from KBLab research co-ordinator: Hi, Welcome to KBLab’s workshop on Topic Modeling! The workshop will be structured as follows: ·       Tuesday 9th November, 09.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 14.00 ·       Wednesday 10th November, 13.00 – 13.45, for a session […]

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