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New course starts today

This week marks the start of the third course for the first-year students of Master’s Programme in Digital Humanities. The course is titled ‘Digital Cultural Heritage’ and here is what teacher Nadzeya Charapan has to say about the course: This introductory course provides you with a conceptual understanding of digital cultural heritage and fosters critical […]

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Library and information science courses offered for second year DH master students

Information management and information structures, taught week 35-39, autumn 2022 What is this course about?  The course Information management and information structures introduces multiple theoretical and practical perspectives on knowledge/information/data management. Specifically,  it covers data, information, and knowledge management from information studies’ and digital humanities’ perspectives and explores practical implementations at organizational, cultural, and individual levels. It is offered […]

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Preparations for KBLab’s TM Workshop on date 2021-11-09

Preparation instructions for those that are interested in Topic Modelling workshops with KBLab (forwarded message from KBLab research co-ordinator: Hi, Welcome to KBLab’s workshop on Topic Modeling! The workshop will be structured as follows: ·       Tuesday 9th November, 09.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 14.00 ·       Wednesday 10th November, 13.00 – 13.45, for a session […]

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Topic Modeling Workshop with KBLab

National Library of Sweden is organizing a great event on Topic Modeling Workshop. You are warmly welcome! See detailed information on their webpage and also forwarded as below: What is topic modeling and how does it work in practice? How do the choices that we make in building such models affect the eventual output? And […]

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Events at UU

Just a quick share of seminars and workshops with you here, which will boost your information searching and digital analysis skills and techniques Feel free to have a look and boost your learning in DH and master the advanced skills for conducting further research and education in DH!

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Interesting seminars at the deparment and faculty – join!

Teaching Digital Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Center for Digital Humanities Uppsala (CDHU) Their webpage: Date: 22 September, 14:15–16:00 Location: Zoom Lecturer: Johan Jarlbrink, Fredrik Norén, Thomas Nygren, Kristen Schuster Organiser: CDHU Last day of registration: 9/21/2021 at. 2:00 PM. Contact person: Karl Berglund Sign up for this event Seminarium Research […]

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A new term has started!

Welcome everyone! We started the autumn term about a month ago and it was nice seeing all of you. Special welcome to our first year students at the program of Digital Humanities. It is also great that the second year students have already charged new energy and some have started planning the thesis project. It […]

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