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Interesting seminars at the deparment and faculty – join!

Teaching Digital Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Center for Digital Humanities Uppsala (CDHU) Their webpage: Date: 22 September, 14:15–16:00 Location: Zoom Lecturer: Johan Jarlbrink, Fredrik Norén, Thomas Nygren, Kristen Schuster Organiser: CDHU Last day of registration: 9/21/2021 at. 2:00 PM. Contact person: Karl Berglund Sign up for this event Seminarium Research […]

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A new term has started!

Welcome everyone! We started the autumn term about a month ago and it was nice seeing all of you. Special welcome to our first year students at the program of Digital Humanities. It is also great that the second year students have already charged new energy and some have started planning the thesis project. It […]

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In-Depth: Digital Libraries

During the autumn semester of 2020, the course Digital Libraries was given for the first time. To read more about the course, follow this link. The course addresses digital libraries from a research perspective. I was able to find a moment with Amalia Juneström, Phd student at the department and course coordinator for Digital Libraries, […]

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Digital Libraries

The course Digital Libraries is an optional course during the first half of the autumn semester for those students within the program that are interested in the ALM -field (Archives, Libraries and Museums). The course coordinator for the course is Amalia Juneström, Phd Student at the department. The course addresses digital libraries from a research […]

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It’s Thesis Time!

Since a few weeks back the first generation of Digital Humanities students are nearing the end of their two-year master program by writing on their master thesis. The Master Thesis course is devoted to the writing and presentation of a written scientific work. Within the scope of which the student shall also deepen their knowledge […]

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Why the Silence?

As some of our more loyal readers of this blog has noticed, much hasn’t happened on this blog for a couple of months. The current pandemic, the blogadministrators student situation as well as other projects have simply gotten in the way of working on this blog for the Masterprogram in Digital Humanities. But the program […]

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New year and new opportunities

Next week a new academic year for the Masters program in Digital Humanities starts. The first year students at the program start their first course Introduction to Digital Humanities. During the course they will be welcomed by Olle Sköld, who is coordinator for the program. The programs first year will initially be held in a […]

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Thesis time!

This is a guest blog post by programme director Olle Sköld that was written at the beginning of the summer of 2020 . The academic year is at an end and it is time for some well-earned time off for both students and faculty at the DH master’s program at Uppsala University. The past two […]

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