This week the course Theories and Methods in Digital Humanities starts for the 1-year students. This courses purpose is to prepare them for doing a 1-year thesis later this spring or a 2-year thesis on the spring term one year from now.

Theories and Methods courses is a natural part of every thesis-focused program here in Sweden. Some people like them, some people don’t, but they are always very important for the students so that they have a solid foundation of scientific methodology to work with in their final thesis.

The course coordinator i Nadzeya Charapan, that you have met earlier on this blog. After the course is done, the students are expected to have In-depth knowledge of scientific theories and methods of relevance to the humanities and social sciences in general and digital humanities in particular.

The student should also gain the ability to formulate an appropriate theoretical approach to a research problem as well express oneself within and explain the characteristics of the genre scientific writing.