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Nadzeya Charapan: Museum Experience – To Be or Not to Be Digital?

Hello! Hej! Прывітанне! Labas! My name is Nadzeya Charapan. I’m a doctoral student at Vilnius University and a guest researcher at Uppsala University. With my academic background in humanities, throughout the last ten years, I have been teaching diverse courses on cultural heritage, cultural memory, and communication for students from Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Turkey, […]

New course starts today

This week marks the start of the third course for the first-year students of Master’s Programme in Digital Humanities. The course is titled ‘Digital Cultural Heritage’ and here is what teacher Nadzeya Charapan has to say about the course: This introductory course provides you with a conceptual understanding of digital cultural heritage and fosters critical […]

Theories and Methods: Underrated but Important?

This week the course Theories and Methods in Digital Humanities starts for the 1-year students. This courses purpose is to prepare them for doing a 1-year thesis later this spring or a 2-year thesis on the spring term one year from now. Theories and Methods courses is a natural part of every thesis-focused program here […]

New year and new opportunities

Next week a new academic year for the Masters program in Digital Humanities starts. The first year students at the program start their first course Introduction to Digital Humanities. During the course they will be welcomed by Olle Sköld, who is coordinator for the program. The programs first year will initially be held in a […]

In-depth: Digital Cultural Heritage

Last week the course Digital Cultural Heritage ended. I got the opportunity to ask a few questions to the course coordinator Nadzeya Charapan, about the course and her own academic background. What is your research background and how did you find Digital Cultural Heritage as an educational and research subject? My academic background is in communication […]

Digital Cultural Heritage

Today the third course on the first semester starts for the students of the Master program in Digital Humanities. The title of the course is Digital Cultural Heritage and is headed by Nadzeya Charapan, a guest phd-student at the Department for ALM. During the five week course the student will be able to investigate the […]