On this blog you will be able to read about the international Master Programme in Digital Humanities at the Department of ALM, Uppsala University. The program starts in August 2019 but the blog will already now give deeper insight about the education in digital humanities and allow you to follow the development of the program.

Our idea is to give you a “peep behind the curtains” of the programme. We will try to put some flesh and bone to otherwise scanty catalogue data and formal course descriptions – everything to really let you know what it could be like to be a student at the programme in Digital Humanities.

Through the blog, you will meet key persons for the programme but also for digital humanities research at Uppsala University. There will be interviews with teachers and students active at the Department of ALM as well as lecturers from the different disciplines within the program. And do we stop there? Oh no! We will also sneak in pictures of the campus environment and the closest surroundings so that you will know what it all looks like, even if you never have been to Uppsala.