Last week the students got the opportunity to visit the swedish national art museum. The study visit was part of the course Digital Cultural Heritage.

Nationalmuseum is one of Swedens foremost art and design museums. Not only is it a museum, it is also a government authority with a mandate to preserve cultural heritage and promote art in Sweden and Swedish art abroad.

the students got a guide tour of the museums collections

After a refreshing lunch break the group moved on from the museum to the administrative building. There they got a peek behind the scenes in the storage facilities as well as a lecture by Dr. Karin Glasemann, digital coordinator on the National Museum, on the theme “Making art accessible in a digital world”.

Dr. Karin Glasemann shows the students backstage

The collections of the National Museum comprise of painting, sculpture, drawings and prints from 1500-1900 and applied arts, design and portraits from early Middle Ages up until present day. To read more about it, visit their web page.