Two weeks ago the students had a laboratory exercise that was presented over Zoom and was part of the course Information Mediation and User Perspectives in the Digital Era. The Laboratory was headed by Ina-Maria Jansson.

Photo: Ina-Maria Jansson

The aim of this laboratory was to develop skills to describe, critically analyze and understand digital information platforms from a perspective of information science. The students chose a plattform that they then studied based on five categories of aspects:

  • Infrastructure
  • Datafication
  • Algorithms
  • Interface and user behavior

The laboratory resulted in a lab rapport and a presentation over Zoom

One group focused on the image sharing application Instagram and the other one on the music sharing application Soundcloud

Both groups for example talked about how these platforms are part of a bigger ecosystem through their connection to Facebook and other sharing platforms.

To learn about the course, you can read more about it in this post.