After some rainy, gloomy days, Uppsala is today swept in a crispy cold which makes the city glitter when hit by the rays of the midvinter sun. I have spent most of the day inside though, doing the final editing work for Tidskrift för ABM, the department online journal. A new number will be released next week.

As always, several students have been involved in the editing work and also contributed with many of the texts in the journal. Following their work, seeing them develop their textual thinking through the editing process, as well as the work of the students in the editing group of the journal, is not only a joy but also makes me think about how important these experiences are for the students. To grow both knowledge of publication forms and skills of editing and publishing is essential for the humanities scholars, including academics in the digital humanities.

Another great thing with the journal is that it offers a channel for the travel experiences of our students. Every year, the department funds a number of international conference trips or trainee-experiences for our master students. Writing a travelogue is a good way to share this experience with others, as well as make deeper reflections about the acquired knowledge of new topics in information studies or about visiting a foreign country.