With just one week left before Christmas and one month until the last date (January 15th) for students outside of Sweden to apply for university studies in Uppsala, it is time to talk more in detail about the course content for The Master Programme in Digital Humanities

The courses of the first year of the programme are planned, prepared and taught by researchers within a number of different disciplines. Besides ALM studies (Archive, Library, Museum) those responsible for the education in digital humanities also have backgrounds in art history, literature, information technology and archaeology. This means that the programme can offer a broad orientation of digital aspects in a variety of disciplines within the humanities but also that it may be difficult for “outsiders” to get a clear idea of what each course will be about. Therefore, to satisfy the curiosity of  anyone interested in the course content, we have invited some of the persons involved in digital humanities research and planning of the programme to tell more about their work and their personal take on digital humanities.

You can read their posts here at the blog during the next few weeks, so keep on following us!