…is not today, but on 15th of April. And sorry to say (if you are not a Swedish citizen), that is for Swedish students. If you live outside Sweden and wants to study digital humanities, you have to wait to next year before you can apply. Do not forget that we wish you to write a “statement of purpose” which according to instructions should include an explanation of why you wish to study the programme and a summary of a thesis (bachelor or master level) produced by you.

Please remember that you are welcome to contact Görel Tunerlöv if you have questions about the program. She is study councilor at the Department of ALM and know almost everything you need to know about the application process.

Go to www.antagning.se to apply, search for “Masterprogram i Digital Humaniora”. Good advice is to do it a bit before April 15 23.50, as the site sometimes tend to go down due to the pressure of last-minutes-applications…

Best of luck!